5 Things iPhone owners can do that Android Users can only Dream of

5 Things iPhone owners can do

The debate between iOS and Android users has been happening for a long time now. The fanboys of both sides will tell you that their platform is better than the other. There is no doubt that both of the operating systems, i.e. iOS and the Android are best in the business at the moment. Android users can have more flexibility like more free features and apps and games that iPhone user cannot have. Still, iOS has its own charm and characteristics that make it beat Android at its own field. The iPhone tips and tricks are many. Following is the detailed list of 5 things iPhone  owners can do, which Android users don`t have:

iOS Apps are Better than the Android ones

It is a pretty much common knowledge to everyone that the iOS features are more stable. They also have newest applications on their App Store paralleled to the Play Store. Developers including Google itself prioritize iOS over Android when producing apps for the operating system. It is because of the reason that the iOS applications are more valuable than its counterpart. Coding for developing iOS apps is easier than for the same apps on Android.

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iOS is Simpler to Use

Android comes with lots of customization options like fancy launchers for its users. But it also becomes cumbersome sometimes. It also leads to instability on the Android phones too. While these 5 things iPhone owners have that are being discussed here offer great consistency. There is no extra customization on iOS. The operating system also acts the same way across all the handsets. It also makes their usage simpler and stable.

Instant availability of Updates

The updates on iOS are made available for all its users at the same time, whether it’s the iPhone, iPad or the iPod. 5 Things iPhone owners enjoy also include Apple having complete control over its operating system. That is why they are able to maintain high quality and increased stability. There are no third party producers in these updates either. Apple addresses all kinds of software glitches or security vulnerabilities instantly. You can get information about iOS 10 update here.

More Security than Android

It is also very notorious that iOS is far more safe than the Android. As per 2015 report of Mobile Threat, Pulse Secure projected that above 95% of all the malware is on the Android phone. That is why Android becomes an easy target for viruses. It also has a lot more devices running than the iOS. Their users are also unable to upgrade to the latest operating system quickly.

Lesser Ads than Android

Apple users have the bonus to have less number of disruptive ads on their apps than its counterparts. Apple does not let every other app to be in its store, unlike the Android. It makes iOS a lot better choice for those individuals who are often annoyed by repeatedly appearing ads on Android.


This list of 5 things iPhone owners relish on their smartphones is just tip of the iceberg. You can definitely get even more with iOS when it comes to stability and effectiveness.

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