A Compelling Digital Workplace: Way Forward To Success


Organizations and work settings have greatly evolved over the past couple of decades. The age of industrial revolution was taken over by the Information age. Due to drastic transformations in the kind of work in the offices, it is very crucial to set the standards right and get the workplace strategy right from the start. If done rightly, it will lead to having a greatly engaged and highly productive staff. If done wrongly, it will result in disgruntled and frustrated personnel in the firm.

Knowing the importance of having a highly absorbing electronic workstation is one thing, but doing something to build and improve it is another. The digital workplace solutions greatly depend on the vision and especially mission of the company because it has to be tailored made for the particular challenges the workers have to face on daily basis. The need for such place of work also needs to be conveyed to the labor force so that they would know about its expectation levels and that it would influence their work life in a positive way.

What really is Digital Workplace?

Different Researchers have their own views about the definition of Digital workplace. Gartner describes it as a way of business plan what promotes workers effectiveness and commitment through increased use of customer-like computing setting. He is also of the view that component such as information, mobile, social and cloud are performing as a kind of catalyst for promoting consumerization, but when employees are analyzed, the majority of the businesses see these tendencies in a fragmented manner. Gartner tells about the changes in the workplace today as follows:

Replacing repetitive and routine work by dynamic and variable work.

Incorporating HR focused employee engagement programs.

Fostering social media networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter for interacting with employees and customers.

Change of working styles like more job rotation, micro working, and crowdsourcing.


Having a digital workplace strategy is one thing, but actually building it is not that simple. The internal customers, i.e. the employees of the firm need to be rewarded and motivated in order to effectively act upon the consumerization strategy of the business. Although every company does not have enough resources to make adequate changes rapidly, it is still possible for each organization to at least have a strategy set in place.

Now we will explore some of the ways in which organizations can build a compelling digital workplace:


Knowing the Needs of Employees

Developing and nurturing an engaging digital work environment is considered to be one of the top challenges of the modern times. Employees need to be completely on board for digital transformation. Not all the workers are ready to accept change; most of them resist because they do not want to alter the status quo in which they are satisfied. Therefore, what you have to do is target the actual needs of the staff that will be then onboard with you for implementing any kind of change as they would see it in their own favor instead of resisting it. In order to know the desires of your workforce, you have to ask them some key questions:

What do they reason has been missing in the present digital workplace?

What are their major frustrations about their day to day work experiences?

What do they think are the main obstacles to reaching maximum productivity?

What do they consider as the chief stumbling blocks towards open communication?

What do they contemplate the corporate culture has to enhance workers satisfaction?

Getting answers to these key questions will pave the way toward effective digital change through creating purposeful solutions addressing the major challenges of the workplace. The main focus has to be functionality in order to choose hands-on digital solutions that are customized to your firm`s unique requirements that will lead to unified, engaged and educated employees.


Selecting the True Digital Workplace

Research studies show that only 5% of large-scale organizations have actually got the required technologies in place to be called true digital business. Thus, the market offers a lot of vendor solutions to tackle these issues. However, not all vendor solutions are robust enough to properly achieve digital workplace benefits. It is also down to companies to identify platforms having required solutions in place in order to make informed decisions.

The best thing about the electronic work environment is that if done properly, it leads to the proper commitment of the employees. Workers find the information they need at their own pace and it also helps them connect to right people at the right moment in time.

Now let us discuss some of the ways in which robust digital workplace trends can resolve common and emerging business challenges:

Increased Productivity through Onboarding Center

New hires can be brought up to the pace of the firm by means of an electronic onboarding center. It can help companies save costs by reducing turnover rates in large-scale industries through early onboarding services and on the job training.

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Keeping Employees Informed through Newsroom

The newsroom can help the organizations keep their employees well informed about the latest happenings through regular updates, blog sites, news from the market, and other social networking feeds in order to promote a culture of clearness.

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Promoting Company Identity through Brand Portal

In order to make your employees feel connected with firm`s values and identity, you have to create a brand portal by means of which you will be able to achieve empowerment of your workers to get on and stay on brand.

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Creating Sense of Belonging through Social Zone

Having a digital work environment does not mean that you have to totally dependent on tech and neglect the community building within your company. Events, activities, and clubs can foster a sense of belongingness and togetherness among the employees. In addition to that, blogs, photo walls, polls, and communities can greatly influence unity among workers across different departments.

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In short, the significance of digital workplace solutions cannot be ignored as it leads to opening various avenues for companies to explore both IT-wise as well as the humanistic side of the organization.

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