Building A Website Is Easy

At one point in time, to create even a minimal website, you had to sit and program for hours! That means, you also needed to know a computer programming language, called HTML. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. But, Fortunately, those days are history! Now, you can create a good-looking website in just a few minutes using a 'GUI'! How cool is that ?!

A GUI is a Graphical User Interface. That means, instead of needing to learn a programming language, and needing to sit down for hours on end and write lines and lines of program code, you can just use the mouse and icons! You can create your webpage by just dragging and clicking!

A website is generally a collection of webpages. But, this is important to note. You will also need a web hosting service.

You can technically create a bunch of web pages, but unless you are going to keep your computer on 24 7 and allow people to access your computer like a server, then you are going to need a web hosting service. Web hosting allows you to put all of your webpages onto another super-fast server computer, and then people can access your website and webpages 24 7 around the globe.

One example of web hosting is GoDaddy's web hosting packages. They also offer GUI web creation services. For just a few dollars per month, you will be able to create your own good-looking website, and you will have a web hosting server that goes along with it too! How cool is that?

This is another thing that you gotta know. Before you can have your website up and running, you're going to need to buy a domain name. The domain name is the address, or the URL, of your domain name.

An example of a domain name is:
www domain-name com

www put your domain name here com

Suppose you are running a car business called 'Cute Cars With Big Butts'. Then you could have your domain name registered as.

www Cute Cars With Big Butts com
Or, if you had a painting service called 'Wall Painters Unlimited', Then, you could register the domain name as.

www WallPainters com

You can also register the domain name with the same service provider who is going to provide you with web hosting services.

So, let's review.

There are three essential things that you are going to need here, if you want to get your website up and running.

First, you will need a domain name. That's the website address.

Second, you will need a Web hosting Server, or Web hosting Service.

And Last, you will need to create your webpages. Again, you can use a GUI to create your webpages.

Do not ever let all of this technical stuff throw you off! Because it is so easy to create a website, that even some little teenagers are doing it! Plus, it's so essential to giving your business that global boost.

Understand that you may have a local business, simply serving your local town. But, when you establish a 'World Wide Web' presence, then you will have a business that can serve the world!

Google web hosting packages today and get started now!

Because building a website is easy!

Source by James J Elleyby

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