“Digital Heroin”: How Screens Turn Kids into Psychotic Junkies

Digital Heroin Screens

Today, the schooling has evolved and children are given computer knowledge from the very first grade. It involves direct contact with tablets and smartphones. On one hand, it serves the purpose of making kids aware of the prevalent technology. However, it also has far-reaching negative effects such as digital heroin screens have on their minds.

Parents are forced to buy their little ones the iPads, PlayStation, and other such devices from the first day at school. At first, they think it as a positive step as their kids is playing new educational games. But, with the passage of time, they come to know that their child is spending more than enough time staring at the screen. Even youngsters are awake playing with their gadgets at the time when they are supposed to be asleep.

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Negative Impacts of Digital Heroin Screens

These smart tools make kids lose their temper and adopt aggressive behaviors if parentages try to forcefully take away their tools. Moreover, they feel agitated, bored and uninterested when they are not playing their favorite games.  We can now confirm that those smart devices are no more than digital drugs. Recent studies on brain imaging show that these digital heroin screens directly impact the frontal cortex just like cocaine. Screen addiction symptoms also include the negative impact on intellect by raising the dopamine levels.

What the Experts Say

Dr. Peter Whybrow, who is the director of neuroscience at UCLA, has called computer screens as “electronic cocaine.” While the researchers in China have named them as “digital heroin.” Dr. Andrew Doan, the head of studies on addiction for the US Navy and Pentagon, also has similar ideas. He researched on the addiction of video games by calling latest tech and video games as “digital drug.”

How the Treatment be like

When parents try to forcefully make their kids stop playing their favorite games, they are extremely agitated at this interruption. That`s not it, clinical researchers also concluded that these digital heroin screens enhance depression, aggression, and anxiety among children. They also might lead to psychotic effects such as being unable to differentiate between video games and reality.

What parents can do to manage screen addiction treatment is taking control from the very start. They should not let their children cross that line from where there is no return from the craving of tech. It becomes even more difficult to treat such kids than the adults who have been struck by the obsession of crystal meth and heroin.

The 2013 study by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that kids from ages 8 to 10 spend almost 8 hours per day on screens. On the other hands, teenagers spend even 11 hours doing that.

Starting from Detox

The treatment for this addictive disease starts from detox — no smartphone, computers or tablets. It might even involve reducing T.V watch. Such treatment should be practiced for 4 to 6 weeks to reset the brain functions of hyper-stimulated nervous systems.

Introducing Old Fashioned Games

But doing so is not that easy in this day and age. The key here is to prevent the young ones from getting hooked onto the computer screens. One can go for introducing physical games like playing Lego, reading story books, and playing sports etc. Schools should also try to reduce the direct contact of a child with screens for a long time.

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Kid playing Lego

Participating as a Parent

One cannot accomplish all this if someone is not eliminating using the tech in front of their kids. So, being parents, you also have the obligation to quit using your smartphones while being with your children. No matter if it is playing time with the young ones or dinner time. Just try your level best to switch off your communication devices so that you can have a positive impact on your management. You can also have honest conversations with your kids about why they are being limited to use tech. Try to make them understand the reason behind the treatment instead of enforcing it. You can also get some insight into digital heroin screens treatment of your child here.

The development psychologists say that the healthy development of kids includes interaction with other people. It also consists of engagement with the real world and playing imaginative and creative games. That is why it is imperative to give your kids due time so that they won`t feel alone, bored or purposeless. Give them real life experiences so that they are gelled to playing artistic activities. In this way, you will help them boost their imaginative minds, besides making them feel meaningful.

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