How to get million downloads for Apps and Games ?

how to get million downlaods

You have a good idea but you don’t know how to market that idea, then your idea is not a failure. It’s your marketing techniques that let you down. There are millions of apps and games in the mobile market and every single day they are growing in great numbers. The most important question is how to easily get downloads for your apps and games? To answer your question, we need to first know how Algorithm of ranking works. Google and Apple are the two most important mobile stores with almost 90% share in the mobile market. Google and Apple both have indeed adopted a very complicated system in determining the ranking of an App for a specific keyword and also for the category. The keyword ranking formula counts on four important aspects which we are going to discuss below.

Number of Downloads

The frequency of daily downloads is the most important factor of getting top rank on keywords and category. If you are getting keywords search base results from a specific country, then it will get ranked on those keywords. There are many companies that offer keywords install to get top ranking. This method is good in terms of getting organic installs as you will get top rank and chances are very high that your app`s organic downloads will increase.


Remember getting daily downloads is not the only factor as Google algorithm made a new update. Now, engagement is the second most important factor to get top ranking on keywords and category. Retention means how many hours or days the app or game is active on that specific device which installs it from app stores.

Reviews and Ratings

It is one of the major factors which plays an important role as user downloads the app or game while reading reviews of the app or game. Minimum reviews rate is 4.5. You should not get negative reviews as it will hurt your ranking. Hence, you get a decrease in your daily downloads. Reviews and Ratings are the most important factors; therefore, many users buy positive reviews from reviews and rating provider companies. You can buy reviews and ratings for apps and games as well to get top ranking in the stores. Google play, after its new algorithm update, removes the fake review. But still, you can get reviews and rating from cheap services providers like Fiverr and Fivesquide.


Well, this is not an important factor but you can use this feature to get a good amount of popularity which leads to huge downloads. To get backlinks from different sources is very important. Play store and Apple store both consider it as an important factor to increase app or game ranking. You can get backlinks from top sites like Huffington, and any related sites which are important for your app or game. Most review sites are used to get backlinks from the app ranking increase.

The most important criterion is installed. It contains about 80% importance in determining the ranking of the app or game, therefore, your main task is to get as many installs as possible in a short period of time. Remember daily install from different countries creates more impact rather than one country.

The important question is how to get installs? There are many ways you can get installs cheaply.


Paid Mobile Advertising


There are many platforms which can market your app or game idea into millions of users. One of the top and most effective platforms is Facebook, which you can use to advertise your apps and games and market them to billions of users. The Facebook advert tool allows demographics, interests, and gender and language specific advertisements on its paid platform. You can use this huge marketing platform to get to the potential users. You can view the image that how CPI can be so low to get to the potential users.

fbpromotion - How to get million downloads for Apps and Games ?

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Google Adwords


You can advertise your application within app store using Google Adwords tool to reach potential users more quickly.

Use Adwords tool to reach users within Play store and also to the search and display network. Below is the image with CPI campaign results for the Adwords tool.

adwords campign - How to get million downloads for Apps and Games ?

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App Store Optimization


It is a free Method but it does not guarantee installs because of competition.

Create eye-catching screenshots and logo to visually appeal the user to install app or game. You can do this by hiring an expert graphics designer to improve your game’s graphic quality. For cheap designing services, you can use Fiverr and upwork to get quality screenshots and logo at affordable rates. This will help you get higher ratings and players are more likely to download your App or game when they visit your App’s or Game page.


Buy Downloads


Cost-per-install campaigns CPI (Incentive or Rewarded Downloads).

Incentive or rewarded downloads are the one’s which a user will install your app in reward of getting some extra life in a game or some extra features in a premium or paid app. These downloads are worth for ranking but will not help you in gaining revenue. Because the user only installs for his purpose and will delete immediately after getting the benefit. You can purchase a lot of installs to boost your App or game ranking on Google Play. It is actually important as there are no better ways to acquire visibility to your App or game. Due to huge competition, these companies are getting tons of orders from top developers to get initial push to get top rank and download. There are many companies offering CPI offers to name few you can check CPIMOBI, KEYAPP.TOP, WAYPEDIA and much more.


Free Method of Promoting Apps and Games


Looking for free methods to market your apps and games then use these free ways to easily promote your Android and iOS apps and games.


Forum Posting


There are many free forums available where you can promote your apps and games without any cost. These forums hold high authority in the search engines and hence you can get a lot of exposure and installs for your games and apps. Just Register on these forums using signup option and write a catchy post on the relevant section to get reviews of the community.


Guest posting


If you are looking for the exposure to the large audience then guest posting is the best way to market your apps and games. Find relevant niches in your domain by searching it and send them SEO optimized content so that it can get exposure in the search engine and you will get huge popularity in term of downloads.


Slide shares


One of the important factors which can increase your worth in term of popularity is creating eye-catching graphical slides for your app or game. Publish the pdf or power point slides on these popular platforms to get exposure. Most popular slide share sites includes,, and


Social Media Sharing


Top medium for reaching customers is social media which can bring a lot of traffic to your app store landing page. Join relevant groups on Facebook, Join communities on Gplus, Join Twitter followers related with your niche. Post on all social media forums twice a day to get installs from the social media platform.

A survey shows that 65% apps are downloaded from the search in app stores. This survey will encourage you to increase your app ranking so that you can get most of the downloads. App store optimization is the most important factor if you want to get downloads from the search results.


What is app store optimization?


App store optimization is a process to optimize your app visibility in the app store to get a maximum number of downloads within app store using keywords research. ASO (App Store Optimization) play a key role in optimizing your app or game ranking within app store to maximize organic downloads.

app store optimization - How to get million downloads for Apps and Games ?

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Top App Store Optimization Tips and Tricks


There are many factors which play important role in app store optimization process. Below, we have mentioned a few important factors which we think can boost your app downloads.


Title Optimization


The title plays important role in app store optimization process as it is the most important factor. If you want to use any special name in the title but it is not a high volume keyword then you can lose app store search results. The survey shows that app names including keywords rank 10% higher than those don’t include keywords. Therefore important keywords are necessary to be added in the title of the app or game.

In Apple store, the length of the title is 255 characters so you can utilize as many as you want to add in the title. However, it is not a good practice to study title with all keywords. The app store prunes the title after 23rd character and 30th character in the Google play store.


Optimize keywords in description


After putting keywords in the title, it is important to use those important keywords in your description. According to the survey, the best way to use keywords in the description is to use them in 2 to 3% in the description. Use synonyms of the keywords to best utilize the keywords in the description.

The description should be an expansion of the app or game features rather than stuffing of keywords. The user is mostly focused on the features of the app or game which you write down in the description.

The first paragraph is important to get user attention, therefore, use these lines as catchy so that user immediately understands what the application is offering. Another good practice is to use special character and fonts to get user attention. Try to Bold main features of the app or game to get user consideration.


App Icon Optimization


The icon is most important factor in term of getting user attention. Your logo or icon must depict what the application or game is offering. Use an abstract view to get user attention.


Screenshots Optimization


This is one of the most relevant factors to get user engagement and attention. Put all the features of the app or game in the screenshots to get to know what the app or game is offering to the users.

The Apple store allows 5 screenshot and Apple allows 8 screenshots to be added in their respective store gallery page. Potential users can view the screenshots to identify whether the app or game is what they are looking for.


Localization of Language


The survey conducted results show that 72% people prefer to use their native language while exploring app stores; even they know how to read and write the English language. The Apple and Google play store allow localization in different languages.
Therefore, survey results show that 76% of the downloads are increased in those apps and games which offer localized languages in the respective stores.

We encourage you to localize not only a description but also screenshots and app as well.




A meaningful title is more important than keywords stuffing. Therefore, use descriptive keywords in your title and description. Icons must be generic rather than text on it.


Keep the logo simple and add relevant keywords no more than 2 to 3% to keep safe from algorithm hit.

Use mostly used keywords in the first paragraph.

Do not stuff keywords it will lead to a ranking drop in the app stores.

Add Social buttons to encourage users to share and like your app or game on social media like facebook and twitter.

Research competitors’ keywords and add most relevant in your app or game to get attraction from app stores.

Add most relevant screenshots in the first two categories to better understand the features of the app or game.

Localize screenshots in all important languages.

Ask friends & family members to download and give 5-star reviews at the launch of app or game.

Add rewards to promote your app or game by the users and make your user as a promoter. If you have been mentioned in any popular blog or site then mention that in your description and in the video as well.

Add descriptive video or explainer video which lead the user to understand the app before installing it.

Listen to the negative reviews and respond to the users to give them value.


Alternative App Stores List


Apple app store and Google play Store are the two major distributors of mobile apps and games.

The major competition is in these two stores, but you cannot neglect other stores as they have some amount of share in the market. App or game developers have found it gradually more difficult to accomplish visibility on both stores.

To start with these different app stores may cater to a niche audience. Knowing what audience an app store caters to means developers can upload their app with confidence – there will be users that are interested in that type of app. For example, an app store may focus on a specific app genre (e.g. games, utilities, business or one type of user segment).


Alternative App Store Stats


As Apple and Google are the major platforms for apps and games distribution you cannot neglect alternative app stores presence. Below are their stats with the percentage of share in the market.

  • 30 million users acquired by App China
  • 80 million users are acquired by Tencent Store
  • The Opera Mobile Store contains 30 million apps
  • Anzhi Store has 25 million users Worldwide
  • 25 million apps downloaded every month, Amazon is the third most major app store.
  • 200 million users with over 30 million apps downloaded every day and 500,000 new users are acquired every day Wandoujia is largest Chines base alternative app store.
  • 100 million Galaxy Smartphone’s its also major alternative as the app store.


Chines App Stores List

List of Chinese app stores as alternative stores.

Anzhi – Also known as GoAPK. Most popular app store in chines territory.

Camangi – The main focus of this store is to display 6” and 10 “display screens.

China Mobile – Top Chines app store with huge apps and games. It offers Android and Symbian platform apps and games.

MaoPao – First Chines store with iPhone and Android apps and games. Also, offer Symbian platforms for the users.

360 Market – With 115000 apps and games, its marketplace is worth using it as an alternative store.

91 HiAPK – This store celebrates 100 million user acquisitions in recent past.

Xiaomi – Most trusted by the Chines with 7.19 Million users across the world.

Baidu – It is the largest search engine of chines but now they move to the mobile market with huge potential in the market.


Top Android Alternative App Stores


List of alternate Android app stores.

1Mobile – With 500,000 free Android apps its potential market is huge in numbers.

Android Pit – Top Android forum for discussion on Android products with alternative store listing.

Android Tapp – Top paid quality apps are listed in this app store. – List free on this site and get visibility for Android users.


AppBrain – App analytics platform with alternative androids listing in their platform.

AppsLib – It has crossed 2 million users for Android.

Codengo – With this website submit your app or game to 20 app store at ones.

SlideMe – Another alternative store with Android apps listing option.

Google Play – Google Play is the largest marketplace for distributing Android Apps. Top Android Platform to distribute Android applications.

mobile9 – Boost your app in the 40 million user market.

T-Store – South Korean Largest Android platform for the marketplace.

Aptoide – Create your app store portfolio with the Aptoid marketplace.


Device Manufacturer App Stores


Top list of app stores with the device manufacturer.

Amazon Appstore – With 70% listing commission Amazon is a top device manufacturer app store.

Dell Mobile Application Store – It supports many platforms and has 40000 apps.

LG Smart World – It main focus is TV devices and now with the mobile market, they are using the Android platform.

Motorola – Motorola handsets offer a variety of apps in Android marketplace.

Samsung Apps – Largest devices manufacturer for Android with 100 million apps in built-in.



The mobile market is getting more competitive with the increase in millions of apps and games on daily basis. The best and easy way to get downloads is to start marketing on right channels with proper user acquisition. If we have missed something, then comment below to let us add in the post.

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