24 Google Maps Tricks You Need to Try

24 Google Maps Tricks

Google Maps is a web based mapping service which was developed by Google itself twelve years ago. Main features of this charting application include street views, 360-degree panoramic views, satellite imagery, route planning services as well as real-time traffic situations on roads. Different people use this service for a diverse set of reasons but mostly getting directions on the go. No matter why you use it, we got 24 Google Maps tricks that are must-know for you.


  1. Adding Multiple Stops to Journey

Not all road trips occur straight from one point to another. Most of the times, it happens so that one has to make different stops before reaching its destination. In order to insert several directions in the app, enter both starting point and final endpoint, then go on to tap on the three dots that can be seen in the top right corner of the screen in front of “Your Location” search bar. This will help you add stop in the new window, which can be used to add multiple stops.

  1. Letting others Drive for You

If you are of those people who don`t mind sharing their trips with others, then Google Maps has it covered for you by adding ride options from some riding companies such as Uber to its application. After you have entered your destination, all you have to do is tap on an icon appearing at the top with a person hailing a taxi. Thereby, you will be given options to choose from certain rideshares in your close vicinity along with the estimated fare and time required depending on your location.

  1. Experiencing the Time Travelling

One of the Google Maps Tricks also contains Street View, which can be really an exhilarating experience. It could help if you want to travel back in time and see the places you love in the past. Since 2014, Google has introduced a virtual time machine feature in the app what they call “Time Travel”. It is a 4-D experience of a Street View which can be enabled by tapping on an icon of a stopwatch present in the top left corner of the screen. That will enable you to observe street views at different times.

  1. Creating your own Private Google Map

You can even create your own custom Map called “My Map” that can be used as a source of storing information which is vital to you.

Hamburger menu > Your places > Maps > Create Map.

Moving into the My Maps feature, you can now add info cards, make customized driving directions or even highlight entire section. You can also share your map with others just like sharing Google Drive.

  1. Deleting Google Maps History

Since Google offers almost all of its services to the users for free, but there is always a price to pay in the end. What they do is they simply rent out your search data to the advertisers and that`s how they make money.

However, fortunately, you can always delete your Google history. Just tap on “Filter by date and product” visible at the bottom of the search bar at the top of the screen. It will help you to search by date or by Google products. Now, if you want to look for your previous Map search data, tap on the box present next “Maps” and also tap on the zooming glass on top.

This will enable you to see your previous search inquiries on Maps. For deleting them, tap on the three dots icon present on the right side of the search bar at the top and select “Delete results.” Otherwise, tap on an individual inquiry and delete just that.

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  1. Try Searching Lazily

With Google, you do not have to type in the full name of your destination. Just type in “Hosp”, Google Maps will give results for all the nearby hospitals in your locality.

  1. Knowing the Footnotes

At the very bottom of your Google Maps screen, you can see a footnote bar showing the “Copyright information”, different for different nations. You will also be able to witness a “Send feedback” helping Maps keep up to date, tapping on it will let you report issues faced by you directly to Google. You can also see a “Map scale” window on the far right, which will let you shift between different units.

  1. Using the God View

If you want to experience more than an only street view, try using the satellite imagery through a “Satellite” option present in the bottom left side of the screen. There is also even a 3D icon on the right side within the satellite view, which will let you virtually move around with a bird-eye view anywhere around the globe. You can always zoom in to see objects with more clarity.

  1. Try being a Traffic Reporter

Another Google Maps tricks consist of knowing can even know about the expected traffic situations in coming hours of a specific day by just using the Maps in the desktop view. All you have to do is by clicking on the “Traffic” icon through the hamburger icon in the top left corner. Also in the bottom center, you can choose between “Typical traffic” and “Live traffic”.

  1. Knowing Street View key commands

You do not always have to use the mouse to move around the Street View on the Maps. You can also utilize just a keyboard if you are short on a mouse.

+ / – for zooming in / out

Left / right arrow keys for turning left / right

Up / down arrow keys for moving forward / backward

A / D for turning left / right

W / S for moving forward / backward


  1. Changing Directions through Drag and Drop

One of the Google Maps Tricks also includes moving towards or away from a certain position on Maps. It is done by just dragging and dropping option through mouse on the Desktop view.

  1. Finding Directions with a Single Click

On Desktop version of the Google Maps, right-click on the mouse anywhere on the Maps allowing you to see a pull-down list. It also lets you find directions from and to that particular location.

  1. Measuring any Distance

With the right click option, you can even find the distance between any two locations on the Maps by selecting the “Measure distance” option.

  1. Finding Info about a Specific Nation

You can find the locations and directions information about other countries. It is done just changing the URL from present country address to that desired country address. Say if you want to know about Australian Maps, use www.google.com.au/maps. You can search for towns and cities under different languages too.

  1. Knowing the Indoor Direction

The Indoor mapping revolution is far from being accomplished yet. Still, Google has tried to incorporate it into the bigger umbrella of Maps. The indoor directions can be found both on mobile and web now. The feature is present in certain countries only such as Australia, Japan, Canada, and USA etc.

It is accomplished with the help of “Indoor Maps Availability” service. You just have to zoom in to see the details. You will also be able to see an embedded window present on the bottom right side allowing you to toggle between different floors.

  1. Accessing the Lite Mode

Most of the users are being bothered by the heaviness of high-end features like 3D Earth View. In that case, you will automatically be transferred into “Lite mode.” It will help you to do routine stuff on Google Maps like finding directions.

  1. Accessing Google Maps Offline

Google Maps Tricks also let you download maps and store them to be used while being offline due to low coverage of your data provider. It will get you turn by turn directions even in the offline mode.

  1. Sharing your Favorite Places

You can even share your preferred diners or other spots with your friends with Google Maps. You can create a new list or add the place straight to existing lists. Go to “Your Places” on the left side of the screen and tap share on the list in order to share it with your loved ones.

  1. Using Active Park Assist

Google Maps Tricks can also solve your parking situations besides giving directions, but only on Android devices. By tapping the blue dot, go to “Save your parking” in order to add it to Maps. You will see a label on Maps identifying the place where you parked your vehicle. Tapping on that label will give you the parking car, allowing you to add the additional details about the parking spot. You can also add the amount of time for expiry of meter and also get a reminder after given minutes. You can even save an image of the parking spot and send it to your friends.

  1. Using Voice Commands while Driving

Another Google Maps tricks include interacting with the Maps through your voice if you are driving and cannot use the smartphone with your hands. You can use “Ok Google” voice command to search for nearby gas stations and give directions about turns etc.

  1. Remembering where you Parked

By tapping on the blue dot on your location, you can have the choice to pick the parking location on the Maps. You can also leave a parking note and even set a meter time.

  1. Becoming a Local Guide

Local Guides feature allows you to gather points for leaving reviews, data and insights on certain locations which in turn allow you to access the Google products, extra Google Drive space, and exclusive Google meet-ups.

  1. Going off-road

One of the Google Maps Tricks consists of signing in as a volunteer and sign up for Google`s “Treks” service which will help the Maps gather information about off the road locations and spots that are normally not available in the Street View.

  1. Exploring Maps Galleries

There is also a Pro version of Maps called “G Suite” available which lets you create data-rich visuals.


It`s good to feel lucky sometimes, and with these cool Google Maps tricks, you can do more than ever to enhance your map searching experience on the application.


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