The living patterns of human beings have been greatly affected ever since the dawn of technological advancements, mainly starting from the earlier 20th century. First, it revolutionized the society from Agriculture to Industrialization, then came the era of Information which greatly increased the workflow of the businesses through enhanced communication. Internet became the center stage of everything related to the digital phase, which made it possible for everyone to access info at their fingertips. But man didn`t stop at that, it developed robotics which can take over entire industries and eliminate existing jobs in markets.

The age of Artificial Intelligence has already kicked in, but most of us have not realized this fact yet. Elon Musk, one of the most renowned modern inventors and CEO of SpaceX, has recently been quoted emphasizing that we have to evolve quickly enough to merge ourselves with the evolving A.I as it will soon conquest the entire world and humans might not cope with it later. Although robots nowadays are able to replicate an individual`s actions but there still has to be seen machines which can think themselves and initiate processes. But the experts are predicting that it won`t take that much of time to have such kind of automation. Self-driving cars are already being tested and it`s just a matter of a few years that they will be up and running on roads. Now let us explore some of the ways in which Artificial Intelligence is or will be transforming lives in our society:

Improved Prediction of Weather Forecasting

The weather experts generally have to go through a larger amount of data in order to forecast climate alterations in the future. This procedure takes a lot of effort and time. But, with the upcoming droids, one will be able to predict the weather both accurately and well-timed. It will greatly impact the human life because it could inform the masses timely and prevent them from potential harms of any natural disaster beforehand.


Dealing with Monotonous and Hazardous Routines

We have been interacting with A.I in our lives for quite some time now. Automatic appliances like a vacuum cleaner that can maneuver themselves on their own and complete tasks that are usually a source of boredom are very common in every house nowadays. Also, in future, robots are said to complete other household chores like doing dishes, build up furniture and other such things. Apart from that, factories are using robotics to do the assembling tasks fast and accurately than the humans. Such droids will also accomplish dangerous duties like firefighting, removing radioactive wastes and mine disposing etc.

The Incoming Age of Auto Pilot Automobiles and Flying Cars

It has been known for some years now that companies like Google and Uber have tested self-driving autos which have encountered crash problems but they are improving them with the passage of time. Also, some new companies have created and tested flying wagons recently. These are already being tried in major cities like Dubai, London and Madrid. They use the Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) system that operates in such a way that variable distances on earth are measured through the use of the laser. Such systems will have a great impact on mode of travel and save time.

stock photo a man in a autonomous driving test vehicle 251998009 - HOW ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WILL IMPROVE SOCIETY IN FUTURE

Enhanced Exploration of New Planets in Space

NASA has been well known to incorporate the robotics to reach out to new spheres in the interstellar especially on Mars having an inhospitable environment for individuals. Such data has been enormously useful in the space research. They are designed in such a way that they can detect hurdles and cope with them. The A.I is said to resolve many issues in the future regarding Interplanetary Search by enabling the astronauts to foresee dangers and correct them in time. Hence, the great importance of A.I in space inspection cannot be ignored.

Improvement in Security and Protection of People

Artificial Intelligence is being highly used in modern machinery known as Virtual Smart Agents that protect the locals from possible terrorist attacks. They can listen to a wide number of conversations involving potential threats and inform the Security Agents in time. Most of the houses nowadays also have latest alarm systems that can differentiate between the known and unknown persons at the doorbell. All these A.I will lead to better law enforcement and safeguard common people in the near future on regular basis.

Improving the Medical Field

Most of the modern hospitals nowadays have a robot associate that helps doctors in the surgery process. They not only pass the head surgeon necessary tools in no time but also learn the entire process. The A.I is being used to detect and diagnose diseases and assist doctors in the correct medication process. They can also distinguish between the real and fake medicines with their smart technology feature. Hence, medical science will be greatly shaped with the A.I and how physicians will treat their patients in the future.


Effective Stocks Trading

Modern trading software’s have been developed with such algorithms which can detect fall or rise in the price of shares in the securities markets, assisting investors in making well-informed decisions by saving their time and money. In the future, human beings will be even more protected from the potential theft of their credit cards or bank accounts by sending the account holder notification about it.

Better Sleeping Patterns

In this day and age, the human routine is so hectic that it leaves an individual with very less time to slumber. So, it very crucial for everyone to get good night sleep before next day. Fortunately, there are such mattresses in the marked, designed with specific algorithms that can learn from an individual`s personal sleeping patterns. It can adjust the temperature, firmness, and position helping one to snooze through the night without waking up. In future, almost everybody will be using such A.I based air mattresses for improving their sleep patterns.

Although, one can argue that Artificial Intelligence will harm the human race by eliminating their jobs, but one cannot disregard many of the great things that the A.I will provide them with in the near future.

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