How To Unlock iPhone Without Passcode

How to UNLOCK iPhone Without PASS CODE

Anyone who has ever used an iPhone must know about the problem of this smartphone being locked on one carrier such as Vodafone, O2, and EE etc. which makes it impossible to use another SIM other than parent service provider. Most of the people are secondary users who buy iPhone from someone else or in the market and they come to know later that their cell phone is locked, which is quite exasperating. As they do not have the password, so what they can do is go for a help to unlock iPhone.

Sometimes, it happens that some of the phones are easier to crack open than others, depending on their condition and the career. Smartphones purchased within a year or so are readily unlocked, but the older ones can be cracked by the source company without any cost, or even by the third party. The procedure of unlocking an iPhone is totally lawful given that an individual has made all the payments on the contract already; otherwise, it is advised that it should not be followed while paying for the agreement.


First, we will look at how one can unlock its iPhone on specified UK careers:


Unlocking on EE

For this network, a user has to have an account for at least six month period or one has to pay all remaining dues till date to do so. The company has notified that it takes almost 20 working days to crack open an iPhone on EE for the total cost of £8.99 by filling out an online form that can be obtained from their official website.

However, for those who are not regular customers of EE, but the phone they have got is locked on their service, then, one has to know the name of the real owner of the handset, their EE account, and phone number in order to undo the locking.


Unlocking on Three

It has been stated on the official web page of Three Mobile that iPhones purchased after January 1, 2014, will be automatically unlocked through a simple connection to WiFi or when the user connects it to iTunes via computer.

However, for those who have iOS7 or above version running on their mobile that is not purchased from Three, will need to connect it to iTunes and have to do a system restore. In doing so, it is highly advised to first back up all the necessary data before restoring the phone.


Unlocking on O2

O2 has a strict policy of first filling out an online form to crack a phone. Those who are paying monthly can unlock their iPhone at any time, though; one is still liable to pay fully for the contract. The company offers free of cost unlocking of the phone, which was previously done at the cost of £15. Also, they claim that a user having non-O2 SIM card can even crack open their smartphone by simply plugging it into a computer and opening iTunes.

Unlocking on Virgin Mobile

It is claimed at Virgin that any cell phone purchased lately from them can be unlocked and that it will work with any SIM card. However, those having iPhones that were bought a long time ago will just need to update their iOS to the latest version for doing so.


Unlocking on Vodafone

It is mandatory for one to have the requisite information made available to Vodafone Inc. before unlocking their iPhone. For those users who have been with the company for more than a year time, will relish free of cost facility. But those who are new will need to pay £19.99 for the service.


Now, we will look at the unlocking options under different circumstances:


Unlocking for Previously Synced iPhone to iTunes

First of all, one has to sync its cellular device to a computer, which works fine for locked phones as well.

Then, mobile needs to be rebooted by pressing the power and home buttons simultaneously while it is still connected to a laptop. Power button should be let go as soon as the Apple logo appears while keeping the home button pressed down. Now, “Connect to iTunes” message will be revealed on the screen.

Afterward, a memo regarding phone still being in recovery mode will be shown in iTunes. A prompt will be displayed whether one wants to restore to factory settings or use backup depending on personal preferences.

In this way, the passcode will be removed and all the data will be restored from backup.

Unlocking without Access to a Computer

First, mobile needs to be wiped clean of all data through “Find my iPhone”.

Then, iCloud up back should be used for restoring the data.


These are some of the ways in which you can unlock iPhone either through a subscribed career or through third party services.

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