Impact Of Technology On Employee Motivation

Impact of technology on employee motivation

Employees are generally considered to be as the internal customers of any company. Whether it is a manufacturing or services oriented corporation, most of the progressive corporations have realized the fact that happy workers lead to improved sales and profits. The strategic human resource management sees staff members as capital. It emphasizes that just like a firm invests heavily in acquiring and expanding assets; it also needs to capitalize on its labor by providing them with right facilities and working environment.

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The present age is all about the usage of technology. No matter where we are, almost everybody is surrounded by tech one way or the other. That is why some of the renowned businesses are incorporating state of the art gadgets and tools to make their workforce more productive. But there are still a large number of enterprises that are neglecting the very essence of using modern devices, which is to make their staff fellows feel more empowered, dedicated and engaged through a collaborative network of such computers. Here is a detailed discussion how technology can be a great source of enhancing employee motivation:


Providing Flexibility through Telecommuting

Gone are the days when a person would have to travel long distances and be present at a certain location to complete a task. Most of the work nowadays is being done on computers, tablets, and even smartphones. Latest software like Skype enables individuals to be remotely present in the workplace and communicate with fellow members from anywhere. Also, there are cloud-based storages, which can be utilized to save and retrieve data anytime anywhere. Therefore, companies need to provide their workers with flexible working arrangements in order to keep their committed and encouraged. It can be very helpful for those who cannot make it to the office on a given day due to personal reasons and want to fulfill their duty from home. In turn, employees will not hold any grudges and be will be motivated to come to the workplace the next day due to controlled telecommute he or she is enjoying from the employer`s end.

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Enhancing the Level of Communication

Today, the majority of the work assignments require constant communiqué among the team members in order to be successful. For doing so, organizations cannot simply rely on traditional methods of sending and receiving emails from one another. Instead, Project Management tools like Ace Project and TeamGantt etc. can be implemented which keep the workflow steady, enabling users to keep a tab on their tasks and complete them in time. As communication is the key to achieve maximum results, the importance of such applications cannot be ignored at any cost.


Providing Career Growth and Development Opportunities

Sometimes it happens that employees at a certain organization get fed up with the routine work every day. Then what happens is that they leave the company for good and look for better possibilities somewhere else. Instead of keeping the staff in a state of a silo, what employers can do is add stimulating tasks by embracing new tech. Workers nowadays want to feel important and also to continue growing in their own fields. That is why technology can provide them the right opportunities of progress and expansion by doing the monotonous job of every day in new fashion. The idea behind this is not to change the operations of a company altogether, rather providing the staff members with fresh ways of carrying out their occupation. In this way, the workers will feel less stressed and that will, in turn, help them keep motivated to completion of their day-to-day responsibilities allowing them to improve both personally and job-wise.


Providing Immediate Feedback to Employees

Companies usually have annual or semiannual performance management systems in which managers and supervisors review the performance of their underlings and give them opinions about it. By the time the message is conveyed, employees normally lose interest in the process as it gets too late and gets on their next assignments. To prevent that, social platforms or in-house software can be used to provide feedback well in time in order to enhance the engagement among peers.


Giving Instant Tangible Rewards to Employees

It is commonly believed that physical recompenses like cash, gift cards, certificates, coupons, cups, parties etc. result in the instant inspiration of personnel than proposed pay rise because they are readily available. One of the ways this can be achieved is through the use of online platforms for managers who can assign points to a worker`s account, thereby enabling them to deliver incentives in no time. Such media can be utilized to monitor the worker`s achievements, which will subsequently be helpful for the managers to give instantaneous concrete rewards to individuals and teams.


Adding Gamification Features to Workplace

In this day and age, employees cannot be treated as machines; rather they have some psychological needs that need to be fulfilled regularly. Companies can take help from Gamification in order to introduce freshness into the office space. It is actually the usage of a game like characteristics in work setting so that the staff behavior could be improved to enhance productivity. Leaderboards, levels, badges, and different sorts of challenges all could very well induce motivation and improve performance, e.g. increase in sales. This technique is most useful for the achievement of short-term goals.

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Facilitating On-The-Go Learning

A few years back, an employee would need to sit at his or her desk and wait for its computer windows to load, refresh the screen a few times before moving on and finally completing the task. But nowadays, the entire work scene has changed; now everything is at just at a simple finger tap on our smartphone screen. Mobile applications have revolutionized the way we live today. Employers also need to let their employees have the freedom to work at their ease and accomplish their job on-the-go.


In short, technology has a tremendous amount of benefits for employers as well as employees managers. Organizations need to set up in a way that they can get the most out of present tech so that the workers can be motivated to work there.

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