Nebula Executives share their Top IT Trends for 2018

Dec 15, 2017

Our CEO and CTO are both hoping to find drone-related gifts under the Christmas tree on December 25th. It may be more appropriate while the pair has their eyes fixed on the sky. Believe that Cloud Computing will be an IT trend to watch for in 2018.

We spoke with Daniel Nel and André Witte about their vision of the year and what they think will captivate our interest in 2018. They discussed two major trends that will hold The business world in the coming year. And the one who still needs a little time to mature.

André Witte, Director of Technology

Daniel Nel, CEO

Cloud potential ever increasing

We've been talking about Cloud for five years, but in 2017 we really saw companies doing more in-depth assessments of the cloud's potential and starting to experiment and explore a lot more than they did. Have never done in the cloud. past.

As such, they put forward the Cloud as one of their major IT trends for 2018. During the New Year, the need for technological scalability, Agility and security is vital. The cloud gives businesses these options; with increased commercial efficiency, which allows them to offer their customers a better experience.

Now that companies have laid the groundwork – whether it's going through policies or budgeting and planning their cloud efforts – they're perfectly positioned for their migration. Having recently moved, Nel and Witte experienced benefits that they did not think were possible. This is especially true when companies unleash the potential of the hybrid cloud.

And as Microsoft brings the Azure Data Centers to SA, our business leaders are expecting a sharp increase in local cloud adoption. This ramp-up will provide opportunities for companies with extensive experience in the cloud to advise and assist those who are just beginning digital transformation.

The management of technological expenses should take off

Witte and Nel point out that the management of technology spending will really become a buzzword in 2018. We have written about this trend in the past, pointing out how important it is for the company to be able to monitor all of its technological ecosystem using a single platform. From monitoring control infrastructure to monitoring cloud consumption, this approach reduces the costs and risks associated with introducing new technologies into an organization. In addition, Cloud allows these monitoring and management platforms to access the latest information and business resources at any time from any device and anywhere. In addition, Cloud also allows integrated business systems, which greatly improves the efficiency of processes.

Beyond the Cloud and Managing Technological Spending

Having shared what will affect about businesses in the coming year, Witte pointed out a much-discussed trend that still has a long way to go to do before the local organizations involved. While many of us are talking about artificial intelligence and machine learning, the skills and data required to run this level of analysis still have a lot of maturity to do, he points out. -he.

Regardless of whether your business is large or small or if you are in the most advanced or archaic industry, embrace the cloud and closely monitor your company's technology infrastructure is something you need. think of in 2018.

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