Redstor successfully delivers Hill Dickinson with Scalable Cloud Backup for over 150TB

December 14, 2017

Dickinson Hill: Cabinet of International Business Lawyers

Founded in 1810, with its British headquarters in Liverpool, Hill Dickinson is an international business law firm with more than 1050 employees in its offices in the UK, Continental Europe and Asia. . Serving a wide range of clients, including multinational companies, large corporations and UK companies, the firm provides strategic advice and guidance across the legal spectrum.

Given the nature of Hill Dickinson's clientele, he is responsible for managing and storing a significant amount of highly confidential data. Therefore, having an extremely safe and reliable backup solution is essential to the functioning of the organization.

The Challenge: An Aging, Time-Conscious Backup Solution

Prior to the implementation of Redstor's cloud backup solution, Hill Dickinson operated an aging tape backup system for longer retention elements, alongside a short-term local disk backup solution. Although this solution was adequate in the past, it quickly became unmanageable due to the rapid growth of data. In addition, the physical hardware was reaching the end of his life, prompting Hill Dickinson to evaluate other solutions available on the market that better matched his strategic shift to cloud technologies.

While using the existing service and associated tape backup, the IT team was spending more and more time managing and maintaining the backup process. The internal time required for estate management and transfer of physical records had increased to more than half a day in hours of work per week.

Due to the large volume of data managed by Hill Dickinson, there existed in the existing backup process a library of over 4,500 physical tapes that needed to be indexed and stored, as well as safely transported between sites. An ever increasing amount of physical storage space was required by the bands themselves and more physical and secure storage space would be needed to accommodate future data growth.

Another problem associated with ever increasing data growth was the ability of the existing solution to perform a full backup in an acceptable business window. Full tape backups were taking longer and longer to complete, so he was beginning to encroach on the business day and degrade the performance of the services that they were providing to the business.

Charlie Muir, Chief Information Officer at Hill Dickinson explains, "The backup solution we used previously had served us well, but it had clearly reached the end of its useful life. the physical solution, we were looking at the need for a complete refresh of the material and, since we were finding more areas in which the product did not interfere with our modernized service suite, we knew we had to find the next solution that would lead us to the next strategic cycle, and we started to find that the physical property of the process became more expensive, complicated and time-consuming, with the number of physical cassettes becoming overwhelming. 39 align our backups with the broader cloud strategy of the company and collaborate with the right vendor to take on board saves the largest number of day-to-day operational expenses while providing the levels of control and service expected from our critical departments.

Adding to the complexity was that the tape drives themselves were starting to fail on a more regular basis. Whenever a disk broke down, the engineers had to go to the site and the disk was out of order; which meant that backups were unable to end and that corrective measures were needed that took time to cover the company's risks.

He adds: "The operational end of Backup is simply not glamorous or an area that our staff is naturally attracted to the property.The inherited solution required more and more effort, but we struggled to persuade anyone in the team to volunteer to devote more time to managing the process in order to maintain a 100% backup history. It has become "this business" that no one did not want to do it and that is when we already knew enough and we should consider the problem differently in order to reduce our risk and free our staff to give it more value elsewhere. "

The solution: moving to the cloud with Redstor

Hill Dickinson began to be interested in cloud backup alternatives in February 2016 with a set of key criteria in place. First, the company needed a solution that would support multiple sites, would be expandable to infinity to adapt to growing business data and eliminate the need completely. of tape media. In addition, due to the sensitivity of most of the data held, he had to ensure that his data remained extremely secure to minimize the risk of leaks or data leaks. Finally, the company wanted to minimize downtime of the systems to avoid any disruption of the IT and business team.

Charlie first met Redstor in March 2016, following the recommendation of one of his industry peers and a Redstor client.

Charlie comments, "We had been yearning for cloud backup for some time as part of our cloud adoption strategy and this need to update our existing backup solution was just the catalyst we needed to progress. We wanted to work with a vendor who would work with us at the partner level and be able to drive the analysis, design, implementation and migration to the final solution, before providing a fully managed service to support our future use.

"As we have always been ambitious in our delivery times, we have decided to give priority to peer-recommended suppliers in similar companies.Lucky, Redstor's products and services have been highly recommended and have allowed us to quickly filter solutions and save time.

"The best part of the experience for us was the ownership and responsibility that the Redstor team achieved in the tight deadlines that we had set ourselves, we could not have the to do without them and their positive commitment validated our choice! "

During a first attempt to back up the Redstor cloud, it was determined that Hill Dickinson should back up approximately 100 TB of data to Redstor. Due to the volume of data involved and the stipulation of the company that there was no negative impact on the operation of the company, the support network, and that the old backups and news should run in parallel for several months; the process of moving to the cloud and deploying the backup solution across the entire domain was more complex than expected. However, all objectives were met and there was no downtime or impact on service during the transition. In addition, the recovery capability of the legacy solution was not lost as the Redstor cloud solution was run in conjunction with the old system until teams were aligned and upgraded. that the service reaches Redstor.

Charlie says, "Despite the complexity of the migration process, the Redstor team was able to hold our hand and make sure there was no time for them." It was extremely important for us not to disrupt the day-to-day operation of the company and we did that to the credit of the two teams involved. "

Measurable Improvements

Following a flawless implementation process, Hill Dickinson successfully backs up the 100 TB of initially estimated data, which is stored locally at Hill Dickinson for easy access, with two additional backups secured in the data centers. Redstor in the United Kingdom. to ensure maximum continuity.

Redstor's cloud backup solution provides Hill Dickinson with fast, economical and secure off-site backup; allowing them to quickly retrieve data anytime and anywhere. Redstor's service provides security by ensuring that data is encrypted at source, in transit and at rest in Redstor's dedicated data centers using AES 256-bit encryption. Only Charlie's team at Hill Dickinson has access to the encryption key used to encrypt the data and as a result, they are the only ones able to decrypt and retrieve their data, thus making their data much safer.

Importantly, the Redstor service is incredibly low. Fully automated, the service provides Hill Dickinson with automated reports detailing the successes and failures of backups, allowing true exception handling.

With Redstor's ISO-certified disaster recovery solution, Charlie can rest assured: in the event of a critical problem, that it is a ransomware attack or an attack. natural disaster, downtime is reduced to a minimum.

In addition to being able to safely back up the vast amount of data from the law firm, Redstor's cloud backup easily accommodates the rapid and unpredictable growth of confidential data stored by Hill Dickinson.

Charlie comments, "Since I've been working with Redstor, there has been a huge transformation in the way Hill Dickinson stores data, not only do we now have a sustainable and scalable solution, but we have not no more need to devote time to a member of the highly qualified team to maintain the backup process, which means we can devote time to the company. "

He concludes, "At a recent internal supplier review meeting, we were proud to place Redstor in our first supplier quadrant." We do not see Redstor as a supplier, but as a partner. trusted offering a vision of technology and services that underlies much of what the team does here. "

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