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Once the domain of amateurs and a small number of passionate consumers, gambling has become one of the world's leading entertainment industries. Although the types of games played and played differ, one thing is certain, your monitor is essential to your performance – in fact, to really play your game, it is important that you are the weakest aspect of your game which means that the equipment has to be optimal. Here's a look at how Samsung's QLED gaming monitor can help you in your game.

The refresh rate of 144 Hz ensures smooth action scenes, even in games with high frame rates. You can also adjust the refresh rate to 60HZ / 120HZ if necessary.
Metal Quantum Dot technology ensures more durable and natural colors. It offers purer, brighter and more realistic colors, especially reds and greens, than conventional monitors.
The 49-inch ultra-wide screen has an innovative 32: 9 aspect ratio, which means you can still see the game scenes in full. The curved 1800R panel immerses you in the game and offers a cinematic vision of 1Max. This equates to two 27-inch 16: 9 monitors side-by-side, which means you can perform multiple tasks on one screen without any frame to prevent your view.
HDR or Hight Dynamic Range offers a wider range or luminance levels that brighten dark areas and brighten bright areas – this means that the details in which you see the graphics of the game are exactly as the developers wanted .
Contrast ratio of 3000: 1 ensures deep blacks and bright whites even in the darkest or brightest scenes. In addition, the black equalizer adjusts any game scene to the desired brightness level.
The predefined game modes are customizable, which allows you to get the desired gaming experience. The OSD Dash Menu allows you to see the key parameters of the game at a glance and adjust them according to your preferences using shortcut keys.
The Easy Setting Box allows you to partition your screen or display multiple screens of various sizes with one click for seamless multitasking.
To add an extra atmosphere to your game, the arena lighting projects pulsating lighting on a wall behind your monitor.

Whether you're a major competitor in the online gaming world or just watching other players play online, the right monitor will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game and play at your best. ]

This article has been published in partnership with Samsung.

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