Tesla Solar Roofs Come Cheaper than Regular Roofs with Infinity Warranty

Tesla Solar Roofs

Elon Musk is known for his revolutionary ideas in the field of technology. From manufacturing amazing Tesla Cars to launching SpaceX, and now the beginning of remarkable tech of Tesla solar roofs, he really has taken the company to become most valuable one in the entire world, thanks to his supreme leadership and vision.

On May 10th, Elon went on to tweet about the start of a new era, i.e. solar roof would begin taking orders from the people in most of the countries across the world. The release date for Tesla solar roofs is still unknown. But, Musk has reiterated that the company could start taking orders from the masses for Tesla solar roofs in the US from this year. Elon Musk recently tweeted as:

“Solar roof can be ordered in almost any country. Deployment this year in the US and overseas next year.”

10 May 2017

These solar panels would come in infinity warranty which is quite astounding.

All the information is available on the official website of parent company regarding Tesla Solar Roofs, everything about how to order these and that these will come with lifetime guarantee.

Unlimited Warranty

The infinity warranty only confirms Elon Musk`s initial claims that the solar roofs would be cheaper to have than the traditional ones. It is also worth noting that Tesla has priced these very low given that cost efficiency is one of the main hurdles in the renewable energy industry.

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Impact of Tesla Solar Roofs

Tesla website also reaffirms that one could go for other energy sources besides solar roofs in order to decrease their energy bills and helping them going off the grid. The site came forward with a view that these panels come up with a battery of integrated Powerwall. It helps to store energy during day time. It could turn home into a personalized utility.

T Sroof Slate 1 - Tesla Solar Roofs Come Cheaper than Regular Roofs with Infinity WarrantyTesla recently acquired SolarCity back in November of 2016, which allows the company to have a truly unified experience of home energy. It is a milestone that Tesla is leading in the industry of renewable energy at the moment. National Renewable Energy Laboratory told that Tesla Solar Roofs could fulfill 25% of the US energy needs.

However, every house is not feasible to hold a solar panel due to structural differences of the rooftop. It is dependent upon many factors to determine how much energy a certain rooftop would be able to generate. It depends on the average time for which the sunlight appears in an area. Moreover, it takes into account the degree to which how much of that amount of sunlight directly reaches the roof. It generally depends on the tallness of buildings around, trees or any other such shady structures around the roof. Tesla solar roof price is still unknown.

In short, providing highly durable Tesla solar roofs with an infinite number of years of warranty is a remarkable step from Tesla. It will have a long-ranging impact on the efficiency of renewable energy.

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  1. Bay Hayes

    June 7, 2017 at 5:01 pm

    For Tesla, one of the obvious barriers to achieving that is cost. Previously, Consumer Reports had determined that 00004000 a textured glass tile solar roof should cost no more than $73,500, including installation, to be competitive with an asphalt roof.

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