ZAR X looking into blockchain technology

Zar X Looking Into Blockchain Technology

The ZAR X Scholarship studies the benefits of blockchain technology and tracks the hype around cryptocurrencies.

This is according to ZAR X's director, Geoff Cook, who spoke to MyBroadband about their plans for 2018.

ZAR X, the first competitor of the JSE in South Africa since 1958, was launched in February 2017 with the listing of Senwes and its holding company Senwesbel.

The exchange made good progress and was among the top three Fintech prizes of Investec 2017.

In terms of market value, the stock market is constantly improving – its issuers record an annualized market capitalization increase of nearly 20%.

ZAR X in 2018

Cook stated that ZAR X is run by disrupters and innovators, and that it is not their mission to "do more of the same or imitate what other trades do. ".

He said that the exchange will leverage its technological capabilities by introducing products and services that have not been seen in the industry.

"These will begin in 2018 with an innovative BBBEE offering in perpetuity," Cook said.

"We are also studying the benefits of blockchain and tracking the hype around cryptocurrencies."

Cook said that the ZAR X system will also support the digital and commercial model innovation among issuers.

"Our goal will always be to streamline costs, reduce complexity and make proactive engagement with capital markets a simple process for everyone."

Mobile Application

ZAR X will market a mobile application in early 2018, which will stimulate the creation of a retail market with a potential capital of R700 billion.

"For these reasons, we call ourselves an opportunity exchange, and we are ideally positioned to be the hub of capital raising for industries not yet contemplated or established," he said. Cook.

"Our potential in this regard has been recognized by one of South Africa's largest institutional investors and a joint venture will be announced in early 2018."

From the point of view of the listings, ZAR X will incorporate an accountability investment vehicle in January – with two financial services companies to follow shortly thereafter.

"We are in discussion with major industrial and agricultural companies that could be listed at the end of June, as well as with several smaller organizations that want to take advantage of our reduced cost and complexity of registration process. "

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